Hello to everyone,
New review comes with a new day. This time about program called KeddiCash, which bought Exclusive listing on 07/10/16. Now let’s talk about the program itself.

I think that it is a pretty solid project made by experienced admin, but I worry the worst in the near future, so invest just what you can afford to lose. It’s better to invest less money in a 1-day plan.

KeddiCash is a hyip, which would be considered high level quality one. Hyip’s design is pretty elegant. Naturally, project has SLL certificate by Comodo, which is not a big problem to get as we all know.
Project pays manually, even though, I have noticed that admin turned on instant payments via API. Maybe he wants to lure more investors. But I think that instant payments applies just for lower sums and the higher ones are paid manually.
KeddiCash offers 5 investment plans, from which I now recommend only the first one – 1-day plan. The other ones are too risky I think. I don’t want say that the first one is not – of course it is.


Initial deposit is included in daily profit. It looks like it is pretty low and this level of percentage would fit a most likely for long term projects. It also looks like that with these percentages it could be paying for a while. But it is not the same as the long-term project. Every day, admin has to pay the whole deposit back and hope that investors will reinvest back to his program. It is similar to „HIT & RUN“ system, which isn‘t definitely any good for the project. That is the reason I think, that the project won’t last so long.
Project accept Perfect Money, Payeer, advcash and BitCoin wallets. Minimal deposit is 10$.


Before the end I would like to remind you, that this project seems very risky and in case it stops paying and your investments are higher than 550$ – which is Money Back Guarantee amount for this project – you don’t get all of your money back.
I think, that there other projects paying very good and will make you more money. I am talking for example about Cryptonus.

That is all from me. Invest carefully and remember that when you see just a huge profit in an investment and a great chance to earn money – stop investing. This is always a bad sign and it haven’t paid me off more than once. And just one more thing. The most successful people learn from the mistakes of others not of their own. Just one quote to think about.

Remember the  Golden Rule: Measure Twice Cut Once


Best of Luck! Good Wishes!

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