Can Passive BitCoin Investments Make You Money? Review

Cryptocurrencies have grown from a subject only discussed by ‘nerds’ on forums, into something far vaster with much greater implications. Implications so great that the largest central bank in the world, the Federal Reserve of the United States, has been researching their gravity and how they should be considered
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Yet beyond the power these alternative digital currencies might have in reshaping the global economy in the coming years, in the recent past and immediate future they have created some very rewarding investment opportunities. There are literally thousands of people who BitCoin (BTC) has turned into millionaires. It’s impossible to calculate how many people have been able to earn many thousands of dollars, equivalent to massive percentage returns, as a result of their investment in this particular cryptocurrency.

Trading BTC across the major exchanges has turned into something not at all unlike the New York Stock Exchange and all of the complexities and intricacies involved in its day-to-day operation. BitCoin is traded like a commodity (e.g. – gold, silver, oil, etc…), where the price is driven by what traders believe its’ value to be…a measure usually made by market conditions across the other commodity and stock exchanges across the world.

However, at this point, because BTC has already inflated in value so greatly, the only way to make consistent daily profits from it (or from the other cryptocurrencies) is to day-trade it, just as each day tens of thousands of day-traders try to make their living off stocks and bonds. The fluctuations in the prices of these currencies allows traders to profit from every dip and every climb the currencies make on the open market. Yet, despite the profitable opportunities that arise each day on the BTC (and other crypto-currency) markets, it takes a skilled trader with entire days to commit to staring at charts for this to come into fruition. Once again the same is true of the stock market…which is why mutual funds and hedge funds have become such large institutions; while you’re working the job you’re good at, you give them some of your money so they can do what they are good at and turn that money into more money.

In the BitCoin world, a few services akin to these funds have arisen, where you give them coin rather than cash to trade and earn a profit for you. The most popular of these crypto-currency funds, by far, is one that goes by the name “cryptonus“.

Firstly, there are a number of plans that you can buy if you want to invest. You can start with a minimum of 0.25BTC. It is easy to find a site that converts other currency to Bitcoins so you know how much you are investing or getting back at any given time.


Each plan runs for four weeks, and interest on your investment is paid out at the end of each week. You can choose to get 30 percent interest each week for a total of 120 percent over the four weeks. That means money in your pocket quickly and consistently once you start investing. What could be better than that? Of course, you can opt for alternative payment options such as getting nothing at the end of the first week, and then 20 percent at the end of the second week, 40 percent after the third week and 80 percent at the end of the period for an impressive 140 percent return.  If you want to be a bit more conservative, but take a little risk, you can choose to have your weekly interest payments broken down over the four week period with 10 percent, 20 percent, 40 percent and 60 percent after the end of the fourth week for a total of 130 percent.  Best of all you get back your investment plus interest.



Interestingly enough, the guarantees of profit made on the Cryptonus web-site are eerily accurate. Spread out over 4 weeks, our investment did indeed average out to 30% per week. To be honest, I’m still not sure how these guys are able to do it; I must assume that there are some very experienced traders and algo writers on their team. It’s been two months now and our group portfolio is still growing at the 30% rate, and I’ve gone ahead and opened my own account….whose amount I will not disclose because it shouldn’t matter to you, as it would only make you question the amount you wanted to put in. The actual amount you invest should be up to you and your personal financial situation. Despite my returns so far….nobody, and I mean nobody, knows exactly how to perfectly time markets when they go into either a crash extreme or a spike extreme. This means that investing with Cryptonus should only take risk exposure they’re comfortable with. There’s an old adage in trading that says to only get into trades with amounts of money that you could literally throw away and never see again…and that in throwing this cash away their life wouldn’t be adversely affected.


It is interesting to note that there is no saving of your email address, so you remain ‘anonymous’ in a way. This means that unlike many other similar programs, you will not be sent promotional or third party material such newsletters or ads. You only need your Bitcoin wallet to log in, choose and pay for your plan.  Once your payment period comes around, your money is credited to your wallet.

Like any investments such as the stock market, your returns are not guaranteed, but if you play and are willing to take the risks, you can reap a tidy sum over time. The major downside to Cryptonus is the lack of an affiliate program. This is not a big deal, and who knows what may happen as the program grows. It is also important to know that exchange rates can have a positive or negative impact on your returns. If the exchange rate is high, you will get a higher return, but there is no guarantee of what will happen since in most cases, exchange rates fluctuate quite a bit.


Investment plans:  120% return up to 180% return within 4 weeks (payment once per week), initial deposit included in the payments.
Payment processors: Bitcoin
Investments starting from: 0.25 BTC ($104)
Cash-out: Instant (Automatic)
Technical status: SECURE
  • SSL: COMODO RSA Domain Validation;
  • Hosting: KoDDoS;
  • DDoS protection: KoDDoS;
  • Script: Custom script;
Support: E-mail, Skype
Affiliate reward: no reward (coming soon)

Of course, as with anything new, there are varying arguments for and against the viability of Cryptonus. As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so why not take the plunge and find out for yourself?Like other investment plans, nothing is 100 percent guaranteed, so while Cryptonus may be the next big thing, make sure to invest only what you can lose without any negative impact on your life or finances.

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