Right Investment Project for you to Invest – Revcoin.org – Review

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ll notice that RevCoin has been getting a lot of hype.Because it’s new, it’s getting a lot of buzz and if you’re in an online business, I am sure someone will push it on you at some point.Revlon ReviewIt’s especially popular on social media at the moment.

I do want to let you know that I am NOT affiliated with RevCoin as a member or distributor.My goal is to gather all the facts in one place for you so you can do your research – and it’s all here in my RevCoin Review.

Is RevCoin a legit business, or is it a complete scam?Will I be able to build a business with it?

We tell you all about it in our Review of RevCoin.

What Is RevCoin?

To kick off our review of RevCoin, we’re already starting things in a less than desirable area. The RevCoin’s website doesn’t have any information listed in regards to who is actually running or owns the company, and this is something that consistently proves to cause for legitimate concern.

Close your eyes and think for a second about any legitimate company that you know. Got that company in mind? Now go ahead and search the company’s site for information in regards to the top people involved with said company.

Chances are you were able to find information in regards to who founded or currently runs the company you researched. This is because listing such info is simply a good practice in the world of business.

Whenever we encounter a company that doesn’t make this information readily available, it begs the question as to why they decided to keep it hidden. Multi-level marketing companies who do this more than often turn out to be schemes, and in the case of RevCoin, there’s no clear information available about who owns or runs the company.

However, if we do further research into the company’s website, we are able to find some rather interesting and alarming information.

The RevCoin website lists a registration for the UK Companies House, and this registration has a founding date listed as June 22ndof this year – 2016 – for the company.

There’s also an addressed that’s tied to this registration, and the addressed is located somewhere in Hertfordshire, England. Along with this address, the registration also cites someone by the name of Carlo Trabattoni to be the “Marketing Manager”.

What’s interesting though, is that if we look up Carlo Trabattoni on the Internet, his related social media accounts were created mere weeks ago. This would greatly suggest that Trabattoni actually doesn’t exist, and is just a name being used on the site for the sake of things.

Not having any names listed or tied to a site is absolutely a red flag, but having a name listed for someone that more than likely doesn’t exist is just – if not more – worrying. There’s no reason any legitimate company would act in such a way, and this bit of initial information creates for a rather bad image for RevCoin already.


What Products Are Being Sold?

Another important area for any multi-level marketing company comes with its product line. This may seem like a small area to put a great deal of focus on, but it comes with good reasoning.

A product line with any company allows for retail sales of a product or service. When these sales occur, outside money from retail consumers is able to circulate throughout a company. So, when there’s no product line to speak of, how to companies make money?

In the world of multi-level marketing, this frequently occurs through the act of having affiliates invest their own money into the company.

This on its own is fine, but the real trouble comes into play when companies like this offer commissions or ROIs to their members.

Commissions and ROIs require that the company in question have funds to pay their affiliates with, and when a company doesn’t have a product line, the only funds they have available to them are those that have been invested from other affiliates.

As a result, these companies must pay off their affiliates’ ROIs and commissions with funds from other members of the company. This is a practice that we see with Ponzi scheme, and it’s likely what is taking place within RevCoin.

Info On The RevCoin Comp Plan

So, as you’d expect, RevCoin has a compensation plan set it place for their affiliates. This compensation plan opens up potential for affiliates to earn a bit of money through RevCoin, but only after they first invest some of their own cash.

RevCoin requires that affiliates invest a minimum of $10 in order to be eligible for the compensation plan that’s set in place, but affiliates are able to invest over $2000 if they are so inclined.

Why would you choose to invest $2000 or more instead of just $10? Well, the amount of money that you invest is directly tied to the return on investment that you’re eligible to receive. The ROI in this case is earned on a daily basis, and the various level breakdowns work as follows –

  • Affiliates who invest between $10 and $499 will be able to earn a daily return on investment of 2.5% for a total of 58 days – coming out to a total ROI of 145%.
  • If an affiliate ponies up between $500 and $1999, they’ll be eligible to earn a 3% daily return on investment for 58 days as well – this one coming out to a total of 174%.
  • Investing a minimum of $2000 will grant affiliates with a daily ROI of 3.5% for 58 days – with the total coming out to 203%.


Along with these daily returns on investment, affiliates are also able to make money through the act of referral commissions.

These referral commissions are paid out through funds that have been invested by previous affiliates, and is managed through a unilevel system.

The unilevel system is nothing we haven’t seen before in the world of MLM, and each team starts out by having one single affiliate placed at the very top.

When this affiliate enlists new individuals to join the company’s affiliate program, they are placed at the level 1 position. When a level 1 affiliate recruits someone new to join, they are placed at the level 2 spot. These referral commissions are paid out through the first three levels of one of these teams, and it works out in the following manner –

  • Affiliates who are positioned at the level 1 spot will earn a referral commission of 5% of all invested funds in a unilevel team.
  • Level 2 affiliates stand to make a commission of 3% of these funds.
  • Those who find themselves at the level 3 spot will earn just 1% of the available funds.


What Will It Cost Me To Join RevCoin?

Simply signing up for RevCoin is initially free, but you’ll be required to hand over some cash if you want a chance to make any money through the compensation plan that RevCoin has set in place.

Affiliates are required to invest a minimum of $10, but the more an affiliate invests, the greater their daily ROI will be.


Any Truth To The RevCoin Rumours?

Any time a new business opportunity launches, you will always hear rumours about them being scams – so is RevCoin a scam?

From reading above, you might already be thinking Revcoin is a scam.

So, is it?

Is there a Revcoin scam, or is it legit?

To be honest, Revcoin isn’t a complete scam.

However, there are some red flags to be worried about, which I discuss in the conclusion.

And Now, My RevCoin Conclusion

The whole basis for RevCoin is centered around the idea that the company has a new type of cryptocurrency that is supposedly mineable. The coin goes by the name of RVC Coin, but the RVC Coin doesn’t seem to be used by anyone aside from admins of the company.

The RevCoin website states that admins for the business currently hold about 20% of all RVC Coins that are available, but we weren’t able to find any direct tie between the RVC Coin and the multi-level marketing aspect for RevCoin.

By investing just $10, affiliates for the company are promised a return on investment of 145%. Investing more and more money has the potential to boost that ROI to as much as 203%, but since RevCoin doesn’t have any product line to speak of, the only money that’s funding the company is coming directly from investments of other affiliates.

As a result of this, RevCoin is using those affiliate investments to pay off the ROIs that they owe to all of their other affiliates. Translation, RevCoin is operating as a Ponzi scheme.

The story for RevCoin is similar to what we see with all other Ponzi schemes. The company is fine as long as new members are constantly joining and new investments are continually being invested into the company.

However, the minute this slows down or comes to a halt, RevCoin is going to start experiencing some serious trouble.

Once RevCoin runs out of funds, they’ll be unable to pay off the ROIs that they owe to their current and existing affiliates. And, when we consider how high these ROIs are, that will more than likely decrease the amount of time that it will take for RevCoin to experience a total collapse.

When this collapse does occur, the vast majority of those who invested any money will end up losing out on any funds that they previously invested.

The admins and early investors will make some cash, but they’ll be the only ones to profit at all from the entire company.


Join With US : RevCoin.Org



Right Program for you crypto-pulse.com

Anyone seeking to invest some extra cash always wonders how safe their money will be. Will it fall back to nothing? Will it depreciate? Will it yield extremely high returns? And as every investor or would be investor knows, invested money can take any of these routes at any given time with only a level of probability that your prediction will be right. Knowledge and experience play a great role in determining how accurate your predictions can be. And that is where the crypto-pulse.com High Yield Investment Program comes in.

The site gathers up a team of forex market speculators, all of who have had at least 10 years in the business. This reduces the chances for loss of money and this is proven even beyond the paper or webpage. A good number of people who have put money in the program have experienced ROIs of up to 1800% over a period of time. Of course, the higher your potential ROI, the more likely you are to lose money. But as all money makers have known from the past, you can never get rich through a savings account. In other words, you need to risk your money to reach greater heights, depending on your personal situation of course.




Is it the Right Program for you?

The site can be used by members at any location on the planet and the ecurrency accounts used to transact are relatively popular. Specifically, the site accepts Advcash, Perfectmoney, Payeer and Bitcoin accounts.

Using the site is simple for anyone who has been handling computers for at least a week. First, you have to register a free account by filling a form. Then you will transfer funds from your ecurrency account and load your member account in the site and select the investment plan you wish to invest in.

The main currencie traded in this site are USD and the support team is alert at all times of day or night. To boost your confidence in them, the site also offers new members a money back guarantee.

As previously stated, the major downside to the program is that you have to be a member already or get invited by a member. But on the plus side, once in, you have the chance to make profits not just from the high return on investment rates provided, but also through referrals. One referral rakes you up to 5% in commissions.




Transacting money can be done using the ecurrency services stated above. You can withdraw cash from your account at any time, and the funds withdrawn will reflect on your account balance within 12 business hours. Also, depositing money can be done at whatever time you wish.


With this program, you have a higher level of investment security compared to most other sites. However, you still need to stick to investing only what you can afford to lose as there is always a chance, no matter how small, that you will lose money.



Many of our investors have made it clear that their plan is not to withdraw their money from the project and
they are ready to reinvest for the long term.

For these investors, we introduce the concept of auto-reinvest. I will not only help to save the commission for
endless shipments of money back and forth, but also make operations easy and remove the extra load of the
project during its recovery.

To enable auto-reinvest, you just need to send the message to the admin. Investors who turn on auto-reinvest
get a bonus – their deposits will be placed on a special plan with a ROI of 150% Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS OF MEGA PROJECT ( CRYPTONUS )!”


Hello to everyone,
New review comes with a new day. This time about program called KeddiCash, which bought Exclusive listing on 07/10/16. Now let’s talk about the program itself.

I think that it is a pretty solid project made by experienced admin, but I worry the worst in the near future, so invest just what you can afford to lose. It’s better to invest less money in a 1-day plan.

KeddiCash is a hyip, which would be considered high level quality one. Hyip’s design is pretty elegant. Naturally, project has SLL certificate by Comodo, which is not a big problem to get as we all know.
Project pays manually, even though, I have noticed that admin turned on instant payments via API. Maybe he wants to lure more investors. But I think that instant payments applies just for lower sums and the higher ones are paid manually.
KeddiCash offers 5 investment plans, from which I now recommend only the first one – 1-day plan. The other ones are too risky I think. I don’t want say that the first one is not – of course it is.


Initial deposit is included in daily profit. It looks like it is pretty low and this level of percentage would fit a most likely for long term projects. It also looks like that with these percentages it could be paying for a while. But it is not the same as the long-term project. Every day, admin has to pay the whole deposit back and hope that investors will reinvest back to his program. It is similar to „HIT & RUN“ system, which isn‘t definitely any good for the project. That is the reason I think, that the project won’t last so long.
Project accept Perfect Money, Payeer, advcash and BitCoin wallets. Minimal deposit is 10$.


Before the end I would like to remind you, that this project seems very risky and in case it stops paying and your investments are higher than 550$ – which is Money Back Guarantee amount for this project – you don’t get all of your money back.
I think, that there other projects paying very good and will make you more money. I am talking for example about Cryptonus.

That is all from me. Invest carefully and remember that when you see just a huge profit in an investment and a great chance to earn money – stop investing. This is always a bad sign and it haven’t paid me off more than once. And just one more thing. The most successful people learn from the mistakes of others not of their own. Just one quote to think about.

Remember the  Golden Rule: Measure Twice Cut Once


Best of Luck! Good Wishes!

Royal-8 – Earn royal profit with reliable plans

In order to make money, need money. This has been the basic concept of all banks and financial institutions for decades. Talk of investments (where you put in some resources, for a given period of time, and get a lot more after it all). Returns are not a sure thing in almost all investments. Gambles should therefore be taken if at all you want to make something out of something else.


Unique, comfortable, safe, stable, professional … are some of the interesting wordings you are greeted with when the home page of Royal-8 loads up. That is a clear sign that something is going on here. By here I mean in the Royal-8. So what is Royal-8? This is an organization, or even a company that deals with technology stuff.
That didn’t make sense, did it? Well, Royal-8 in involved with provision of the current trend services as far as web development, content management and web system maintenance and protection is concerned. It also deals with mobile apps development (both Android and IOs apps). Judging from the kind of website that they have set,
they must be having a lot of goodies in store for everyone.

The most interesting part is that, Royal-8 is an investment body. Yes. Investment. (Don’t ask how…just yet.). Over time, Royal-8 has attracted investors from all walks of life to be part of the much profitable company. So why would someone invest in Royal-8?

Continue reading “Royal-8 – Earn royal profit with reliable plans”

Can Passive BitCoin Investments Make You Money? Cryptonus.com Review

Cryptocurrencies have grown from a subject only discussed by ‘nerds’ on forums, into something far vaster with much greater implications. Implications so great that the largest central bank in the world, the Federal Reserve of the United States, has been researching their gravity and how they should be considered
( https://news.bitcoin.com/federal-reserve-says-bitcoin-significant-friction/ ).

Yet beyond the power these alternative digital currencies might have in reshaping the global economy in the coming years, in the recent past and immediate future they have created some very rewarding investment opportunities. There are literally thousands of people who BitCoin (BTC) has turned into millionaires. It’s impossible to calculate how many people have been able to earn many thousands of dollars, equivalent to massive percentage returns, as a result of their investment in this particular cryptocurrency.

Trading BTC across the major exchanges has turned into something not at all unlike the New York Stock Exchange and all of the complexities and intricacies involved in its day-to-day operation. BitCoin is traded like a commodity (e.g. – gold, silver, oil, etc…), where the price is driven by what traders believe its’ value to be…a measure usually made by market conditions across the other commodity and stock exchanges across the world.

However, at this point, because BTC has already inflated in value so greatly, the only way to make consistent daily profits from it (or from the other cryptocurrencies) is to day-trade it, just as each day tens of thousands of day-traders try to make their living off stocks and bonds. The fluctuations in the prices of these currencies allows traders to profit from every dip and every climb the currencies make on the open market. Yet, despite the profitable opportunities that arise each day on the BTC (and other crypto-currency) markets, it takes a skilled trader with entire days to commit to staring at charts for this to come into fruition. Once again the same is true of the stock market…which is why mutual funds and hedge funds have become such large institutions; while you’re working the job you’re good at, you give them some of your money so they can do what they are good at and turn that money into more money.

In the BitCoin world, a few services akin to these funds have arisen, where you give them coin rather than cash to trade and earn a profit for you. The most popular of these crypto-currency funds, by far, is one that goes by the name “cryptonus“.


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